Tesla Model 3 interior

New Tesla Interior Options Include The Best Ever!

Nope, you still can’t get anything other than black for the interior of a Tesla Model 3 if you order one today — well, black + that one wooden dash feature that I have to admit I love. However, if you want a Tesla Model S or Model X, Tesla just updated its interior options (h/t Hypebeast). If you scroll over to the Model S Design page or Model X Design page, you now have the following interior options:

Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model S (Video)

We’ve seen a handful of Tesla Model 3 review videos floating around — including an excellent hour-long, deep dive into the car’s features by our friends at Model 3 Owners Club. That said, we just got a chance to conduct an in-depth evaluation of Model 3 for ourselves. It’s a fascinating car, and in our view, will come to dominate the mid-sized sedan segment over the next few years.