Tesla Model 3 air filter

Tesla’s Air Filters Are Way Better

Air quality has been at the center of many discussions around climate change lately, especially as wildfires have ravaged certain parts of North America over the summer. Although some of Tesla’s vehicles are equipped with a Bioweapon Defense Mode that circulates air through a HEPA filter, most cars from other automakers … [continued]

Tesla Model 3 Cleans Very Polluted Air From Wildfires — #CleanTechnica Interview

If you were in the Bay Area or near it during the most severe parts of the Camp Fire, you know the air pollution was very hazardous for a while. When the wildfire smoke was dense, a Tesla Model 3 owner conducted a test of his car’s air filtration system and found it did a good job of removing harmful particulate matter. He used a handheld air pollution monitor made by EG Air for his evaluation, which was conducted in San Jose, California. For this interview, he did not want his name used in order to maintain his privacy, but on YouTube his handle is sensohax.