Tesla Glass

Tesla vs. Ford

For decades, electric cars have been a dream of the future. Magazines showed show cars and experiments, but fielded few or no production examples. During periods of high oil prices, their prospects rose, but as oil prices declined, they faded. Tinkerers and DIY mechanics made home-built lead-acid gas car conversions. There were tantalizing forays stimulated by California’s CARB ZEV (zero emission vehicle) mandates, like the GM EV1, Toyota RAV4 EV, and Honda EV Plus, but they were in limited numbers and more often offered for lease but not for sale.

White Tesla Model 3 With Glass Roof (3 Spy Pics)

An alert motorist came across a white Tesla Model 3 out for a drive on Interstate 280, the nearest highway to Tesla headquarters and the main thoroughfare between San Francisco and San Jose. Reddit user spruceeffects got out his smartphone as he drove alongside and captured the car’s most remarkable feature — its all glass roof. Tesla recently introduced the glass roof as an option on the Model S, so it is not surprising that it will be offered on the Model 3 as well.