Tesla FUD

Yahoo! Finance Publishes Strange Article On Why Tesla Didn’t Win Its “Company of the Year”…

Yahoo! Finance chose Zoom as its “Company of the Year,” and that’s perfectly fine. However, Yahoo! Finance decided to focus a whole article on why Tesla didn’t make the cut, and the article’s got some issues. Aside from not being fair to Tesla, it really wasn’t fair to Zoom. To be frank, it’s weird. I really don’t see the point, but let’s dive in.

Tesla FUD: I Was Wrong

A while ago, I started a semi-regular series in which I examined specific cases of Tesla FUD (or “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”). The plan was that I would look at a FUD topic that it seemed a ton of stock analysts were suddenly communicating about Tesla. The idea began because in my regular check-ins about how Tesla was doing, I would often find my newsfeed dominated by a bunch of writers claiming the same basic idea, and how that idea showed that Tesla was in big trouble.

What’s Up With The Twitter Turf War Over Tesla & Elon Musk?

Why has Twitter become such a battleground over Tesla? Amit Katwala writes in Wired UK, “There’s no reason why a car company should be so divisive, but the warring tribes of Tesla fans and [Tesla haters] speak to human nature, the cult of celebrity, and the polarizing impact of the social media echo chamber.” Others believe it gets to something deeper. More on that in a moment.

Tesla’s Alligator-Like Adversaries Represent $3.6 Trillion In Revenue Per Year (Infographic)

Many have wondered why the mainstream press coverage of Tesla is so relentlessly negative. Someone who wasn’t familiar with the company, glancing at a typical day’s headlines, might imagine that Tesla is a company that uses child labor to manufacture chemical weapons to sell to terrorists, rather than one that builds universally-admired cars in American factories with the goal of reducing air pollution and making the roads safer.