Tesla CPO program

The Day The Tesla CPO Music Died

tl;dr (or simply got confused): jump straight to the block quote toward the end. Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Teslandia, millions of Tesla minions exploded with joy. For, Sir Elon “wears a lot of hats” Musk had announced a backdoor to the Model S candy shop, where shiny, bright-colored Teslas … [continued]

Electric Car News Link Bomb (Tesla Model X Love, Chevy Bolt Test Drives, Porsche 911…

As with the renewable energy news link bomb I just published, here’s another one dedicated to electric car news: Tesla Motors Stuff Tesla Autopilot Performs Flawlessly During Motley Fool Highway Test GM Has Lobbied Against Tesla’s Direct Sales Model In At Least Five States Tesla Fights On In Utah And Connecticut Blogger Says Tesla Is Building Throwaway Cars … [continued]

New Tesla CPO Search App

Originally published on EV Obsession. Those considering the purchase of a certified pre-owned Tesla Model S, or simply those interested in programming, may be interested to learn about a new search application being created by a commenter on the Tesla Motors Club forum. The new certified pre-owned (CPO) search tool … [continued]

Tesla “Dealerships,” Chrysler Plug-In Minivan, & 1 GW HVDC Transmission Line… (Cleantech Talk #18)

For Cleantech Talk #18, Matthew, Kyle, and I talked about the Tesla buying experience and “Tesla dealerships,” the planned Chrysler plug-in hybrid electric minivan, and a 1 GW Quebec-to-Vermont HVDC interconnection (as well as the transmission network and renewable energy integration, in general). As a reminder, you can subscribe to Cleantech Talk on … [continued]

Back To The Future With Tesla Model S

In 2003, GM’s EV1 was literally crushed to boost profits for GM and the oil industry. Toyota’s $42,000 RAV4 EV was also discontinued, partly because Chevron bought the patent to its NiMH battery and shut down the battery plant. At the same time, climate change was exterminating entire species and I felt an … [continued]