Sony Electric Car … Australian Fire Insanity … Zombie Solar Energy Storage System — CleanTechnica…

The biggest, hottest, most enticing CleanTechnica stories last week were led by Sony unveiling an electric car, the impossible-to-comprehend scale of this month’s Australian wildfires, and a solar energy storage device from the 1980s that has come back to life. You may have noticed something unusual by now — there wasn’t a single Tesla story in the top 3! That’s the first time in a long time, and ironic considering that Tesla stock [TSLA] went bonkers last week (and is still going bonkers).

London Taxi Company’s All-Electric Taxi At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The London Taxi Company’s all-electric taxi has been tested intensely and over thousands of miles in both hot and cold climate endurance tests in the Arizona desert and Arctic Circle. This week, the zero emissions taxi prototype took on another first. On Thursday, June 29, one of London Taxi Company (LTC)’s all-new range-extended electric taxi test vehicles silently made the world-famous Goodwood Hillclimb.

The Convergence Of Zero-Emissions Zones, EVs, Self-Driving Tech, & On-Demand Taxi Services (2017 Masdar Engage Blogging…

The most important technological innovation or development of the next 10 years in the cleantech sector? The answer to that question, in my mind, is the convergence of various technological and political factors relating to transportation. To be more clear, the convergence of governmentally imposed zero-emissions zones, self-driving vehicle technologies, electric vehicle technologies, and software solutions allowing for effective on-demand taxi service.