Carbon Tax Has Very Broad, Bipartisan Support (Outside Of Congress)

This article first appeared on Climate Progress. by Ryan Koronowski The Washington Post editorial board calls a carbon tax “one of the best ideas in Washington almost no one in Congress will talk about.” It joins a very diverse group (including conservative economists, big oil companies, environmental advocates, and most Americans) that thinks pricing … [continued]

Transportation Funding Crisis — And A New Tax?

The “Transportation Funding Crisis” was just recently brought to my attention. While conducting some research, I was startled to find congress pondering a “novel” new tax. So what is this “crisis?” Currently the U.S. federal government spends $78 million a year to keep the national highway system in working order, … [continued]

A Christmas Wish (or 4)

  I was planning to write a post along these lines, but then got the comment below from a reader the other day, which nails what I was thinking about. So, I immediately thought, “Why not just use this?” With permission, here’s the comment reposted, with slight modifications: I want … [continued]

Cleantech Policy News (7 Stories)

  1. Cap & Trade “has created 3,800 jobs and nearly $500 million in economic activity for Massachusetts since 2008.” That’s the verdict of a recent study on the matter, Inside Climate reports. Nothing surprising to those who follow the effects of cap & trade, but would probably surprise a … [continued]