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Profile Of Kailash Ecovillage, An Urban Intentional Community In Portland Oregon

The Kailash Ecovillage journey began nearly a decade ago when founders Ole and Maitri Ersson bought a rundown apartment complex in inner Southeast Portland, OR. Since then, the couple along with a plethora of residents, gardeners, builders, and driven community members have created a functional, beautiful, and highly livable intentional community in one of the most walkable cities in the US.

Solar Water Heating Just Got Easier

  DIY-ers will be happy to hear that a solar hot water system with simplified installation has hit the market. The Liberty-Box has been developed without the extra pipes, pumps and holding containers that were traditionally needed to adapt pre-existing water heaters. From Derek Markham of TreeHugger: “The Liberty Box, … [continued]

Lemnis Lighting’s “Buy One, Give One” Holiday Promotion Brings Solar LED Lighting to Rural Zambians

Together with nonprofit Empowered by Light, SF’s Lemnis Lighting is bringing clean, renewable energy efficient solar LED lighting to rural villagers in Zambia who lack access to electricity. Lemnis is running an innovative “buy one, give one” promotion throughout December in which it matches every Pharox Solar Kit purchase with a donation to Empowered by Light’s Solar: Zambia program.

Happy Earth Day to You!!!

Happy Earth Day to all! This Earth Day, let’s break it all down and see things for what they are. Our world is in a state of climate chaos as a result of our conveniences. This CleanTechnica blog provides an opportunity to see what is being done worldwide in the … [continued]