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Calling For A National Summit On The Economy

Originally published on the ECOreport The message applies to every nation, though the specifics would need to change. While it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crusade for a pan-Canadian framework for clean growth and climate change, there can be no doubt that he has brought these issues … [continued]

From Local to National, India to the US, Government Action Key to Low-Carbon Green Economic…

Local governments are taking actions to spur low-carbon green economy development that falls right in line and reinforces initiatives at the regional, national, and international levels, an encouraging sign that real progress can and is being made. Announcements this week from cities and local governments as geographically and culturally separated and diverse as Kolkata and Westport testify to the actions taking place. […]

Japanese Home Improvement Co. Launches Billion-Dollar Solar Power Plant Program

Having built the company into Japan’s largest residential solar power provider, West Power Holdings is ramping up its solar power investments with an initiative that aims to add 500 MW of clean, renewable power to the national grid. West Holdings plans to build 250 solar power plants across the country, partnering with China’s JA Solar and South Korea’s LS Industrial in doing so. […]

Green Light for California High-Speed Rail Network

In a last-minute save, California legislators approved funding for a high-speed rail network that is to link Los Angeles to San Francisco. Supporters assert that the infrastructure project is much needed and will yield numerous benefits, creating much-needed jobs while alleviating crowded roads and air space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. […]

El Salvador Looks Beyond Hydropower, Oil in Conducting First Utility-Scale Solar PV Auctions

El Salvador’s non-profit, state-owned power utility is readying the auction of rights to develop the Central American nation’s first utility-scale solar PV projects, one aspect of its national renewable energy strategy. The first solar PV projects are to be co-located and integrated with the transmission infrastructure of the utility’s hydroelectric dams. […]

Peru, South American Nations Turn to Reverse Auctions to Accelerate Renewable Energy Development

Peru and other governments in South America, including Brazil and Uruguay’s, are making headway as they strive to develop renewable energy resources that reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and environmental degradation while at the same time boosting economic activity and jobs growth. In doing so, they’re turning to reverse auctions, as opposed to Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) or other incentives, as a market-based mechanism to foster growth of renewable energy capacity. […]