Under 31? You Probably Want a Hybrid

Apparently my lack of interest in Porsches and GTRs isn’t abnormal for my generation at all – a new survey is reporting that the majority of GenY consumers (currently aged 19 to 31) are in the market for something greener, something a little more eco-friendly, and maybe even sustainable (at … [continued]

Geothermal Energy Could Power Entire U.S. (Maybe)

Google is dipping its toes in renewable energy – according to Science Daily, it provided a grant to SMU Geothermal Laboratory which indicates a pretty hefty amount of geothermal power lurking across the United States. The total amount of available power is claimed to be more than three million megawatts (current coal power plants produce 300,000 megawatts, for the curious). Maps are viewable on Google Earth (where else?) and SMU believes that they are accessible with current technology.

Cost Savings Remain Driving Factor Behind Commercial Retrofits

A recent survey conducted by the Institute For Building Efficiency showed that while interest in energy efficiency is increasing among building owners, energy cost savings remain the driving factor behind organizational energy efficiency decisions.

The Energy Efficiency indicator is an annual survey of global executives and building owners responsible for energy management and investment decisions in commercial and public-sector buildings. The 2011 survey included almost 4,000 respondents across North America, Europe, India, China, Australia, Brazil and South Africa.