Record CO2 Reduction in US Cap & Trade States

In yet another resounding success for cap & trade policies, today carbon dioxide pollution capped by the 10 participating RGGI states of the US Northeast has been reduced to its all-time low of a mere 124 million short tons.

Power plant CO2 emissions in the states that participate in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) cap & trade dropped 34% below the cap in 2011, according to a new report from Environment Northeast, at Point Carbon News.

So… are they cowering in caves, like Rush Limbaugh says?

Reuters: Cap and Trade Worked in EU

It’s official. The EU trading system got carbon emissions down. It’s one thing when renewable energy writers on blogs like this say cap and trade has transformed Europe. [social_buttons] We regularly cover the huge wind and solar industries created there – the results of Europe’s early adoption of the Kyoto … [continued]