Smart Solar Street Lights Spread With IoT Adoption

The role of the once lonely street light has been heavily rewritten so that it now serves as a major information gateway, runs on solar power, and is sensing and reporting far more than you might imagine. Indeed, the global market for the smart street light is projected at $18 billion per year by 2024. While that number may sound hard to believe, the next time you drive under a carport or walk across an intersection, just look up.

EnGoPlanet Street Lights Dazzle In Las Vegas

LED streetlights aren’t anything new, but one company has taken that idea to a whole new level. Autoblog shared a report on an exciting new modular streetlight solution that stands at the convergence of the Internet of Things, energy efficient LED lighting, and solar panels. EnGoPlanet recently announced a partnership with the City … [continued]

BMW Streetlight EV Charging Unveiled

Originally published on EV Obsession. A new, combined, state-of-the-art LED streetlight + electric vehicle (EV) charging station known as “Light & Charge” was recently demonstrated for the first time in the UK — following development and pilot testing by the BMW Group. The new system was showcased by MINI Plant Oxford … [continued]

Lighting Science Corporation Blazes a New Trail for LED Streetlights

Lighting Science Corporation has just announced a new breakthrough in high efficiency LED (light emitting diode) technology that outperforms existing LED streetlights, providing an even greater incentive for the nation’s roadways and institutions to make the switch from standard streetlights to more sustainable LED lighting. [social_buttons] The new LEDs, dubbed … [continued]