stanford solar car project

2013 Stanford Solar Car Project “Luminos” Unveiling

Since 1989, the Stanford Solar Car Project has been empowering students with hands-on experience with building solar-powered cars. The solar-powered cars compete in the World Solar Challenge — a grueling, 2000-mile-long race in the Australian outback. The students usually build the solar-powered cars on a two-year cycle and they gain valuable engineering … [continued]

Clean Transport Link Bonanza!

  Following up on our solar power link bonanza and wind power + other cleantech link bonanza, here’s a clean transport link bonanza to catch the other major clean car and bike stories we didn’t cover this past week: Clean (or Cleaner) Cars Stanford’s 2012-2013 Solar Car Project Is Getting … [continued]

On Building & Driving a Solar Car…

  Someone representing Stanford’s Solar Car team recently reached out and shared the interview featured below with me. It’s and interview with a multi-year member of the team. I thought it was interesting enough to post here on CleanTechnica, so here it is (reposted from CJEnvironmental): Stanford senior and Club Business … [continued]