Sponge Cities

Photo of Stuart, FL water retention features by Carolyn Fortuna/ CleanTechnica

Here’s How Your City Can Go “Spongy” & Hold Back Flooding

One of the many consequences of the climate crisis is increasing flood threats. For cities to prevent flooding, they need to be designed like giant sponges that allow water to drain away safely. In its simplest iteration, a spongy city has planned green areas and permeable surfaces that absorb water … [continued]

Berlin & China Creating “Sponge Cities” — Landscape Architects Help Cities Absorb Water, Cool Down

Berlin (Germany) and China are working with nature to create sponge cities that absorb rainwater and cool the city. Even without the challenges of climate change, cities would do well to consider the benefits of imitating natural ecosystems to cool down and store rainwater, a precious resource. With problems from climate change in urban areas, such as increased flooding and more extreme heatwaves, the need to develop “sponge cities” is essential.