Solar Leasing Comes to New York

SunRun, “the nation’s leading home solar provider” and solar leasing pioneer, announced yesterday that it has expanded into New York. We’ve covered solar leasing (and SunRun) here on CleanTechnica a number of times, but for anyone not yet familiar with solar leasing’s benefits and downsides, here’s a list for you: … [continued]

The Power of.. Solar Power (Infographic)

A small solar installer in Maryland, solargaines, provided me with this interesting solar power infographic yesterday. Definitely thought is was worth sharing. Of course, this is all about solar power, in general. If you’re actually interested in the cost of solar panels in Maryland, you can check out their site. … [continued]

New Generation Inverters to Drive Down Cost of Solar Power: Interview with Silicon Valley’s ArrayPower

The use of semiconductors, digital and solid state electronics is reshaping the architecture of solar power systems. Along with other innovations, this holds out the promise that solar power systems will soon be performing more efficiently, at higher levels and at further reduced costs. ArrayPower, a Silicon Valley start-up, launched its Sequenced Inverter – the first of its kind – at SPI in Dallas this week. Senior company executives spoke with Clean Technica about their technology and company while at the show.

Using Sunlight to Dry Clothes – Indoors

Solar energy is a common method of clothes-drying in many parts of the world. However, hanging clothes on a line costs time, rather than money, and depends on the weather. The German company Miele has removed the weather and the extra time from the equation altogether by designing the world’s first solar-heated dryer.