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Remixing Eskom’s Old Solar Water Heater Rebate Program For Battery Storage Could Help Ease Load-Shedding

South Africa has been having issues with electricity supply for quite a while now. This has forced Eskom, the national power utility company, to implement load-shedding. The residential sector accounts for about 35% of electricity demand in peak hours in South Africa. Just like in most parts of Southern Africa, … [continued]

Solar Thermal Panels For Heating & Cooling

Originally published on Eliminating the need for electricity or natural gas, solar heating and cooling technologies instead collect and use free, clean thermal energy from the sun. An economical alternative to solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that produce electricity to supply all of a property’s energy needs, solar heating and … [continued]

10 Cleantech Consumer Products & Services

  Some more cool cleantech consumer products or news about consumer products: SunPower has released an AC solar panel series that is “designed to bring clean solar power to homes that have energy production challenges, such as shading, less-than-perfect orientation or irregular rooflines.” A year-long UK study, “the largest ever … [continued]

10% of Energy from Solar by 2030

[social_buttons] Environment America (EA) released a report titled “Building a Solar Future” this week stating that the US should aim to obtain 10% or more of its total energy consumption from the sun by 2030. Environment America found that “a comprehensive suite of public policy strategies can remove many of … [continued]