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Solar Shingles About to Blow Up?

We’ve had our eye on solar shingles (and alternative to traditional solar panels) since 2009.

“Dow Chemical Company revealed a new line of solar shingles they say can be installed into roofs made of conventional asphalt shingles. The solar shingles should be available by mid 2010 in a limited supply and then readily accessible by 2011,” Jake Richardson wrote in October, 2009.

You Can Now Easily Share Your Solar Power System’s Performance on Facebook

The world lives on Facebook (yeah, that’s a link to our Facebook page, by the way). That’s what they tell us, at least, since Facebook is now the #1 website on the internet (in terms of total hours spent there).

Believe it or not, though, up until this week, no residential solar energy monitoring company provided an easy way for you to share your solar power system’s performance with your friends and family.

However, SunReports, “the market leader in residential solar energy monitoring for both solar PV and solar hot water systems,” has just announced that it is offering such a service.

China to Double Solar Power Capacity Target to 10 GW by 2015

I just reported yesterday on a new report out by Ernst & Young showing that China is the most attractive country in the world for renewable energy investors. However, it wasn’t ranked as top for solar energy investment (was tied for third with Spain behind the US and India). That may change next time around (the report is released every quarter), as China is preparing to officially up its 2015 solar capacity target from 5 GW to 10 GW!

Enphase Energy Unveils Most Efficient Microinverter in World

I got to speak with Enphase Energy CEO Paul Nahi last week about its new microinverters and changes to the Engage System the company unveiled officially yesterday. Enphase is the market leader in solar microinverters. While microinverters may not turn most people on, they are important, and the news Paul had to share on its new product was pretty exciting and I think it’s worth a little attention.

GOP Committee Chair & Renewable Energy Leaders Call on Obama Administration to Fast-Track Wind &…

Republican chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Doc Hastings (R-WA), and a host of big-name renewable energy leaders spoke up this week on the need for the Obama administration to fast-track renewable energy projects (i.e. not make them go through years of bureaucratic red tape). As I’ve written a number of times before, the Obama administration has sped up the offshore wind power process and the process for utility-scale solar on public lands, but much more could still be done.

SunScience a Game Changer in Delivering Solar Energy Benefits to Farmers, Off-Grid Communities & Disaster…

When you think of solar energy, you tend to think of decades-old, inefficient photovoltaic panels delivering electricity. You think of them in fixed positions on the ground in massive utility-scale arrays and on rooftops of businesses, government buildings, and homes. Think again, because SunScience has developed as the flagship of their product line a “hybrid” solar system called DG1 that integrates both concentrated and thermal solar power for a highly efficient energy footprint.

Small- AND Large-Scale Solar Needed

Well, I don’t think it will come as much surprise, but following up on a CleanTechnica post from last month on the merits of small-scale solar compared to large-scale solar, I thought I’d share parts of a new piece by Solar Energy Industries Association President & CEO Rhone Resch on why we need both (with a little commentary of my own)