solar-powered plane

Solar Impulse Flies Into Aviation History

The most famous solar airplane in the world, Solar Impulse, is making its last US flight. It is departing from Washington DC en route to New York City. André Borschberg, Co-Founder and CEO, is piloting the sun-powered craft and is expected to take off at 4:45 EDT (UTC-4). The landing is expected to be on July … [continued]

Across America 2013: Golden Gate Flight © Solar Impulse | J. Revillard

Beautiful Pic Of San Francisco From Solar Bird

This article originally appeared on By Amber Archangel This is a breathtaking view of the solar plane, Solar Impulse flying over the Golden Gate Bridge. The Solar Impulse team said it best: Golden Flight! What an incredible day, Solar Impulse high above the Golden Gate Bridge, gently hovering over the … [continued]

A Brief History of Everything Solar

  The following is an excellent short history of solar panels and solar power from guest contributor Dane Cross. I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it — I did! What do Archimedes, Einstein and Arnold Schwarzenegger all have in common? Answer: They’ve all contributed to the development of solar power.   From the 3rd Century BC when Archimedes … [continued]