solar power rebates

Lower Solar Power Prices, Growth & Savings Lead to Reduction in Arizonans’ 2012 Utility Bills

Arizonans will see a reduction in their 2012 utility bills. Falling solar prices and growing use of solar power among households, business and industry, as well as 2011 renewable energy savings, prompted Arizona Public Service to propose, and the state Corporation Commission to approve a reduction in utility customers’ monthly renewable energy tariff. Small solar power installation businesses are concerned about the effect falling homeowner rebates will have on growth, however.

Layman’s Guide to Arizona Solar Rebates

Last week I was in Tucson visiting an old college buddy and he kept asking me what I do. So, naturally, the conversation gravitated towards solar. It was fun as he seemed genuinely interested in solar energy, how economically viable solar was, and what it would take for him to go solar. However, I was a somewhat startled how little he knew about what Arizona offered in terms of financial incentives and how they apply (particularly in conjunction with federal incentives). After working out the numbers for him, I thought it might be useful to spell it out for the masses as well.