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SolarEdge Wins Intersolar 2012 Innovation Award

SolarEdge Technologies was awarded the 2012 Intersolar Award for Innovation in the Photovoltaic category, according to the company, which provides end-to-end solar power optimization systems and monitoring solutions. The Intersolar Award honors solar companies for innovative ideas and technological breakthroughs. Regarding its award-winning technology, the company noted: “The SolarEdge next … [continued]

You Can Now Easily Share Your Solar Power System’s Performance on Facebook

The world lives on Facebook (yeah, that’s a link to our Facebook page, by the way). That’s what they tell us, at least, since Facebook is now the #1 website on the internet (in terms of total hours spent there).

Believe it or not, though, up until this week, no residential solar energy monitoring company provided an easy way for you to share your solar power system’s performance with your friends and family.

However, SunReports, “the market leader in residential solar energy monitoring for both solar PV and solar hot water systems,” has just announced that it is offering such a service.