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Solar Impulse Inspires MIT Engineering Students (VIDEO)

Originally published on 1Sun4All. Watch the discussion between André Borschberg—CEO, Co-Founder & Pilot of Solar Impulse—and students from the MIT Aeronautics Astronautics Unified Engineering class, led by Professor Olivier de Weck. An MIT Unified Engineering & Solar Impulse Hangout On Air The topic of discussion above is the challenges of building a solar airplane, … [continued]

Solar Impulse 72H Virtual Flight Trains For Round-the-World Solar Flight

Originally published on 1Sun4All. At 08.00 am (local time) on December 20 2013, Bertrand Piccard completed the 72H non-stop flight simulation begun 3 days earlier in Dübendorf, Switzerland, reports Solar Impulse. After André Borschberg in 2012, Bertrand confronted the human challenge of very long flights and drew many lessons in preparation for the first … [continued]

Solar Impulse Holds 8 FAI Records, Category-Solar Aviation

Originally published on 1Sun4All. While the Across America mission is well behind us and we are working on finishing the second prototype airplane HB SIB and preparing for the 2015 Around-the-World flights, there are still a few successes coming out of our American adventure, writes Gregory Blatt for Solar Impulse. The following is courtesy of Solar Impulse: More … [continued]

The Solar Airplane — Solar Impulse — Arrives St. Louis June 4, 2013

UPDATE: Multiple tornadoes touched down in the St. Louis region Friday night and caused damage to several Lambert–St. Louis International Airport buildings, including the hangar reserved for Solar Impulse. The flight remained scheduled, and the Lambert–St. Louis International Airport mobilized its forces to help Solar Impulse reorganize and confront this extraordinary situation. Solar … [continued]