solar oven

Solar oven designed by Steen Carlsen

Solar Oven — Simple & Crucial

Last year, in the the spring, I met Steen Carlsen. He has travelled extensively in Asia and East Africa, including Zambia, which is why I came to hear of him. Steen has a background in electronics and electrical engineering and we have had many interesting conversations already. Unfortunately, Steen is … [continued]

A Brief History of Everything Solar

  The following is an excellent short history of solar panels and solar power from guest contributor Dane Cross. I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it — I did! What do Archimedes, Einstein and Arnold Schwarzenegger all have in common? Answer: They’ve all contributed to the development of solar power.   From the 3rd Century BC when Archimedes … [continued]

Solar Cookers: An Old Concept with Modern Innovations Make Cooking Greener

When we think of all the solar innovations, they seem relatively new, but some are older than many imagine. The solar cooker is one of these. In ancient times, the Romans used mirrors and glass that didn’t just give light to their homes and bathhouses, but also enabled them to create an oven. The major cities of Rome were often crowded and wood for fires was sometimes far away. The citizens still needed heat to make food, so they took a Greek idea of using glass to magnify heat and applied it to use as an oven. Our technology has progressed quite a bit since then, but the principle remains the same to use the energy of the sun.