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Boost Your Sales With This Solar Software

The sales process in the solar residential sector can be tough. Sales reps have to deal with high customer acquisition costs, difficulties with team workflow, and shortage of time when it comes to professional preparation of documents at the initial stage. The EasySolar* app can substantially improve this process. Common … [continued]

Future Looking Bright For Envision Solar

This post first appeared on San Diego Loves Green by Roy L Hales Anyone who thinks that share price tells all should listen to’s interview with Envision Solar’s CEO, Desmond Wheatley. (Click here to access it.) During the past two year the company’s share price has dropped from 55 to … [continued]

Georgia Set To Increase Solar Energy With New Legislation

A new solar energy bill in the US state of Georgia has been submitted, “Rural Georgia Economic Recovery and Solar Resource Act of 2014.” This bill would create a new model for generation and distribution of electricity, allowing the Public Service Commission to authorize and establish a rural community solar initiative and oversee and manage the expansion … [continued]

SolarEdge and Zep Solar Launch Power Optimizer

  Power optimization company SolarEdge Technologies, in conjunction with PV mounting and grounding specialist Zep Solar, has announced a joint-designed power optimizer that can be seamlessly integrated with the frame of any Zep Compatible solar module and can be installed without the need to run grounding wire. ”We have joined … [continued]