solar infographics

Explosive US Solar Power Growth & Jobs

It’s no secret to those who work in energy that the solar industry is among the fastest-growing power sectors in this country (often the fastest-growing one), as well as worldwide. And many people don’t realize it, but US solar power growth has a hugely positive impact on employment. In 2013 … [continued]

What Solar Investors Want (Infographic)

Sara Rafalson of Sol Systems recently sent along an infographic on “What Solar Investors Want” that her company put together. This isn’t just another flimsy infographic, though. The data came from “a year of our Project Finance Journals, which we distribute on the 15th of every month to approximately 2700 industry … [continued]

Texas Solar Energy Infographic

Here’s a nice infographic our friend Amber Archangel, founder of, just shared with me, followed by a bit more context in text form: Some interesting facts about solar power in Texas: If you include all of the usable land in Texas, not just the rooftops, Texas has twice the solar … [continued]