solar grid parity

Tesla Could Help Customers Go Off Grid

Originally published on RenewEconomy. Morgan Stanley’s investigation into the potential of consumers to go off-grid in a major way in the US depends on a number of factors. The falling cost of solar we know about, and the rising cost of poles and wires is also well understood. The new element is the falling cost of battery … [continued]

Top 5 Democratic Energy Resources Of 2013

From the Democratic Energy initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Rooftop Revolution A combination resource of our two reports on residential and commercial solar grid parity, including a slideshow, infographic, and an amazing interactive map (#5 on this list by itself). Germany Has More Solar Power Because Everyone Wins … [continued]

The Solar Opportunity

The coming of solar grid parity offers an opportunity for millions of Americans to go solar affordably. But it also means a potential transformation, a democratization of an electricity system long dominated by centrally-controlled utilities and centralized ownership and production of electricity. When solar can undercut grid electricity prices, it … [continued]