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Renewable Myths

From a CleanTechnica reader/advisor and myself: OK, gang, time for some community fun. How about we pitch in and list some of the most common anti–renewable energy myths and then work up good, comprehensive rebuttals to them? Here’s how we’ll start out. Make each myth a new comment and then … [continued]

AEI Economist Fumbles Big Time on Cost of Renewables

Did you know that the landing on the moon was staged? Or that swallowing seeds will cause fruit to grow in your stomach? Or that the cost of solar power has gone up 63% since 2001?

If you are tied to reality, you’d know that all three of these statements are utterly false. And while most people know that the moon landing was real and that seeds don’t grow in your stomach, the last falsity is an easy one to slip by people who don’t follow energy — which is almost everyone.

In fact, the installed cost of solar has come down nearly 40% since 2001. […]