solar conversion efficiency

The centerpiece of this solar simulator is a tiny photoelectrochemical cell, capable of pushing hydrogen from water without the need for standalone renewable energy facilities (courtesy of University of Tübingen under copyright by Valentin Marquardt/University of Tübingen).

Red-Hot Green Hydrogen Field Just Got Hotter (& Greener)

Photoelectrochemical cells can push green hydrogen directly from water without the need for standalone solar panels.

Advanced Solar CPV Manufacturing Plant to Open in NC this Month

Semprius and its backers — including the DOE, NREL, Pratt & Whitney, and Siemens — believe record-high efficiency ratings and low-cost production will make the startup’s concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) cells and modules a winner in a global solar market undergoing much turmoil, including bankruptcies, plant shutdowns, slowdowns, layoffs, and cutbacks in government solar incentives and subsidies […]

Semprius to Produce Dot-Sized, Low Cost-High Efficiency Solar CPV Cells, Modules at NC Plant

Fresh out of having its dot-sized, triple junction solar PV cells validated at 41% efficiency, Semprius is building a 35 MW production facility in North Carolina. Using a massive parallel micro-transfer process, its concentrated PV modules are expected to be competitive with fossil fuels. Siemens and VC partners have taken an equity stake in the start-up, a dramatic illustration of how federal government support is being leveraged by private industry.