solar cell record

The centerpiece of this solar simulator is a tiny photoelectrochemical cell, capable of pushing hydrogen from water without the need for standalone renewable energy facilities (courtesy of University of Tübingen under copyright by Valentin Marquardt/University of Tübingen).

Red-Hot Green Hydrogen Field Just Got Hotter (& Greener)

Photoelectrochemical cells can push green hydrogen directly from water without the need for standalone solar panels.

New Flexible Solar Cell on Plastic Efficiency Record

Solar records are broken left and right. We can’t cover them all, of course, but try to cover the big ones. Recently, researchers ar Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, set a pretty big one. They increased the solar cell efficiency record of flexible solar cells made of copper indium gallium (di)selenide (aka CIGS) from 17.6% to 18.7%, a pretty significant increase.

Boeing to Start Commercial-Scale Production of High-Efficiency (but Not Record-Breaking) Solar Cells

Sharp, GE, Google, Boeing,… who isn’t in the clean tech game these days? Boeing (yes, the airplane company) has just announced that it “plans to deliver its first commercial scale high-efficiency solar-power cells for Earth-based electricity production in January,” according to Bloomberg News. Boeing’s concentrating photovoltaic cells have an efficiency … [continued]