solar antennas

"An artificial light-collecting antenna system. Binding a large number of light-absorbing molecules ('red balls') to a DNA molecule, which is then modified with a porphyrin unit (blue) will result in the creation of a self-assembling system that resembles light harvesting in natural photosynthesis." Image Credit: Chalmers University of Technology

Self-Assembling DNA Molecules As Scaffolding For Artificial Photosynthesis — Solar Energy Antenna Developed

An interesting new take on an artificial photosynthesis system — one relying on self-assembling DNA molecules for scaffolding rather than conventional materials — has just been developed by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology. The new system is composed of self-assembling DNA molecules mixed with simple dye molecules — creating … [continued]

Solar Antennas from MIT

Solar energy is an extremely popular technology in the US. But, still, only a tiny fraction of the population uses it. Some reasons for that that I’ve discussed in the past are high costs (which are nearly irrelevant for many people now due to generous government subsidies, a decade of … [continued]