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Solar Starts Giving Utilities A Bargain Fuel Option

In its latest Utility Solar Market Snapshot (2014, published last month), the US Solar Electric Power Association offers renewable energy interests some welcome news: solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive to utilities. Since the shale gas boom, solar has become the fastest-growing power source in the nation, and the Solar Energy … [continued]

Three Ways Automation Can Smash Solar Interconnection Costs

Originally published on Clean Power Research by Scott Tewel It’s no secret that although solar hardware costs have been steadily decreasing, solar soft costs— including permitting, interconnection, customer acquisition and installation labor—have remained steady. In fact, according to studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, soft costs … [continued]

Lowering The Resilient Soft Costs Of Solar

Originally published on the Rocky Mountain Institute website By Dan Seif and Jesse Morris Why does Germany, a country with the same amount of sun on a yearly basis as Alaska, have residential solar costs half that of the U.S.? Why have solar panel prices dropped significantly while whole-system cost … [continued]