smart thermostat

Honeywell Leads Smart Thermostat Leaderboard

The last few years has seen a veritable explosion of new energy-efficient technologies, and maybe none more popular than the introduction of “smart” thermostats. The web darling, Nest, has captured the hearts and minds of those looking for the ‘newest’ and ‘sleekest’, but Navigant Research has released a new Leaderboard for … [continued]

Nest Thermostat Now Available on Amazon

  The Nest Learning Thermostat has been all the rage since it’s introduction late in 2011, thanks to its apparent ease of installation, flashy design, and usefulness. Now, you can get your very own Nest Thermostat at Nest announced on June 7 that the Nest thermostat is now selling … [continued]

10 Cleantech Consumer Products & Services

  Some more cool cleantech consumer products or news about consumer products: SunPower has released an AC solar panel series that is “designed to bring clean solar power to homes that have energy production challenges, such as shading, less-than-perfect orientation or irregular rooflines.” A year-long UK study, “the largest ever … [continued]