smart meter

1/3 Households Own a Smart Meter

  Electric utility companies have been making good progress upgrading their customer base with smart meters, and a new study shows that nearly one in three households now have a smart meter, up from one in four households just last September. The Institute or Electric Efficiency (IEE) produced a report … [continued]

Rome Welcomes EVs With Toshiba Smart Grid

The city of Rome, Italy is poised to welcome electric cars to its streets, according to Toshiba. The electronics giant announced this week that its Italian subsidiary Ansaldo Transmissione & Distribuzione S.p.A (Ansaldo T&D) won a contract to supply a smart grid distribution system to ACEA Distribuzione S.p.A (Gruppo ACEA), one of Italy’s leading public utilities. The system will include solar power arrays and storage batteries, as well as a control unit and smart meters.

IBM and Trilliant Team to Simplify Smart Grid

Turning the country’s vast islands of proprietary utility networks and isolated power equipment into an intelligent grid that manages the power going into homes, offices and factories will take decades and hundreds of billions of dollars. IBM is partnering with veteran energy efficiency and grid communications company Trilliant to ensure … [continued]