The Great American Fracking Bubble

In 2008, Aubrey McClendon was the highest paid Fortune 500 CEO in America, a title he earned taking home $112 million for running Chesapeake Energy. Later dubbed “The Shale King,” he was at the forefront of the oil and gas industry’s next boom, made possible by advances in fracking, which broke open fossil fuels from shale formations around the U.S. What was McClendon’s secret?

Deja Vu All Over Again As UK Fracking Follows US Path

Interestingly, the US natural gas fracking scenario seems to be repeating itself right now in the United Kingdom. BBC News announced this morning that David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat government, in power since 2010, has begun a vast bidding round for fracking permits that could cover around half of the United Kingdom. This is somewhat … [continued]

Stanford Geophysicist: More Environmental Rules Needed for Shale Gas

We recently decided to team up with Stanford in order to get more of their valuable work and resources out to the public. This first piece is not a typical subject for CleanTechnica, and it’s a highly controversial one. For the most part, we’ve torn into the problems associated with natural gas production today. The following piece is a much more gas-friendly one, but it’s also promotes taking a cautious approach to natural gas production (something that looks like it’s going to happen whether we like it or not) and is focused on the opinions of a true natural gas expert and scientist not associated with any natural gas companies. I almost passed on publishing this one, but I think it is really worth a read, so check it out: