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Shai Agassi Weighs In On What Auto Companies Should Learn From Tesla (VIDEO)

Shai Agassi, the founder of Better Place, is apparently quite the celebrity on LinkedIn. He’s one of LinkedIn’s Influencers  – “300 of the world’s top luminaries who regularly share unique business insights and beginthought-provoking conversations on issues impacting professionals around the world,” as a representative of either LinkedIn or Shai Agassi wrote to me. With his … [continued]

Car 2.0 Overview

Even though automotive executives initially deemed Better Place’s all-electric solution as “nothing more than a thought experiment,” Shai Agassi started by redesigning the all-electric vehicle or EV to prove them wrong and make it as good as any gasoline car today. This was done by developing a convenient system (because it is unacceptable to drive your car for an hour and charge for eight) that’s more affordable (not a forty thousand dollar sedan that would be impossible to finance today). This system uses technology that is feasible with current technology and economics. It is readily available to be scaled to mass in order for 99% of the population to drive it.