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Advancing NREL’s Capabilities in Cybersecurity & Grid Communications

Q&A With Secure Cyber-Energy Systems Manager Dane Christensen The modern grid transmits power, but making that happen relies on vast amounts of data from a rapidly increasing number of devices communicating digitally through highly interdependent systems. This complexity presents new challenges to maintain energy system reliability and resilience, particularly as … [continued]

Over 400 Microgrid Projects Underway En Route to $40 Billion Market

Your first thought about microgrids might be that they’re only a tiny aspect of the overall energy system. But you’d be wrong – microgrids are an increasingly important factor for distributed generation, grid reliability, and the green economy.

Two new reports from Navigant Research reveal more than 400 microgrid projects are currently under development worldwide, and forecast the global microgrid market will pass $40 billion in annual revenue by 2020.