Semi Trucks

Diesel exhaust emissions; via CCJ.

New Biden Rule Requires States To Track CO2 Emissions

Last week, the Biden administration finalized a new rule requiring states to track greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, despite opposition from “red” states, and road, and bridge builders. The new rule, which generated nearly 40,000 comments on Freightwaves when it was formally proposed, requires each state’s DOT to establish declining … [continued]

Clean Trucks Like The Tesla Semi Are More Important Than Ever

Clean trucks such as the Tesla Semi are needed now more than ever. According to Popular Mechanics, in 2016, there were at least 2.8 million semi trucks registered in the US. Paul Billings from the American Lung Association told The New York Times, “Trucks remain a major source of pollution that creates smog, and smog is linked with coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and can cause asthma and premature death.”