Renewable Energy Modeling Wars

RenewEconomy The debate over the future of Australia’s renewable energy target should properly be fought out in the public arena, among politicians, and in the mainstream media. Both seem disinterested, so the real fight is happening behind close doors, in the in-camera sessions of the RET Review panel and within … [continued]

Schneider Analysis Finds Renewable Energy Would Cut Electricity Price

Originally published on Renew Economy. Analysts at French-based energy components company Schneider Electric have concluded that extending or expanding Australia’s renewable energy target would lead to lower electricity prices, lower carbon emissions and increased competition. Reducing, or removing the renewable energy target – as many incumbent generators, industry lobby groups, … [continued]

Dave’s Top 10 Clean Energy News Stories From June

This is the second monthly report of 10 of the most compelling renewable energy and clean technology stories encountered from the previous month that have not already been published on CleanTechnica. Literally hundreds of articles are reviewed each month across many energy platforms, including renewables, fuels, energy generation, and conservation … [continued]