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Residential Customers Prefer Owning Solar

Originally published on the ECOreport. The days when close to 70% of California’s residential solar installations were leased may be over. Tara Kelly, chair of the San Diego chapter of CALSEIA, said most residential customers now prefer owning solar panels. Residential Customers Prefer Owning Solar Speaking for her own employer, where … [continued]

More Solar Records, Lowering Solar Customer Acquisition Costs… (Clean Energy Link Drop)

Get your clean electricity fixin’s here (after scrolling through our own clean electricity stories): Solar Energy Rooftop/Small-Scale Solar Make Cities Solar Hubs, Says Stanford Study New Homes Must Be Ready For Solar Panels Says San Diego SolarCity Hits Record 4GWh/Day Energy Generation SolarCity To Offer Integrated Microgrid System Bringing Solar … [continued]