5 Cities Reaping The Benefits Of Climate Action

This year’s Cities100 reveals how more cities are beginning to acknowledge the social, economic, and environmental benefits of climate action and adaptation. By taking climate action, cities can simultaneously future-proof against challenges such as overpopulation, air pollution, and extreme weather events, and save trillions of dollars on, for example, energy and health.

Europe’s Largest Port Goes Solar

Late last month, Rotterdam’s port, the largest port in Europe, completed the installation of a rooftop solar power system. frigoCare, a subsidiary of logistics company Samskip, announced that it installed around 3,100 solar panels for a rooftop system under its Sustainability Strategy. The system was installed by Dutch renewable energy … [continued]

Driverless Heavy Trucks Hit European Highways

We are seeing the first fruits of autonomous driving technology in the personal vehicle market, but other segments of the transportation industry are similarly preparing for disruption by autonomous driving technology. Heavy trucks are the backbone of the shipping industry in many countries, and due to their size and mass, are consequently … [continued]

A Renewable Energy Thought Experiment

Originally published on Energy Post The role that renewable energy could play in changing the balance of power in the world is often overlooked. Rick Bosman of the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) in Rotterdam and Daniel Scholten, Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology, undertake a thought experiment … [continued]