Roofjuice Acquiring Sungevity Australia In Move That Sees CEO Reverse Course On Solar Retailing

Roofjuice will be acquiring Sungevity’s remaining interests in Sungevity Australia, according to recent reports. The move is worth noting for many reasons. Of these, perhaps most interesting is the fact that the move means that Roofjuice’s CEO is now essentially completely reversing course on his earlier statements that “you’d have to … [continued]

Sungevity Expands into Australia

  Sungevity, a solar leasing company that uses web-based solar analytics and satellite imagery to deliver homeowners with an “iQuote” within 24 hours, is already a leading pay-as-you-go solar company in the U.S. (and, as of recently, the Netherlands). Now, Sungevity has taken a little hop over the Pacific and expanded … [continued]