Ronald Reagan

A Georgia Town Gets Half Of Its Electricity From President Jimmy Carter’s Solar Farm

Plains, Georgia, is a small town that is just south of Columbus, Macon, and Atlanta and north of Albany. It is the hometown of former United States President Jimmy Carter. On his farmland, there were once nut and soybean crops that would stretch their fingers to the ends of the horizons as if reaching for the unknown. Those have been replaced by 3,852 solar panels that provide clean energy for over half of Plains, GA.

US Climate Politics History Lesson — CleanTech Talk with Nathaniel Rich

In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Zach Shahan sits down with Nathaniel Rich, novelist, essayist, and writer at large for the New York Times Magazine. Together, they discuss Nathaniel’s new book, Losing Earth: A Recent History, detailing the history of public climate change understanding and the larger, unaddressed issues and moral questions arising from the climate crisis.

Republican Presidential Frontrunners Extremely Anti-Environment/Health (Unprecedented)

The top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination have repeatedly indicated extreme anti-environmental policy preferences, demonstrating to an unprecedented degree lack of concern for the tremendous health costs of pollution. (Note: A study led by the former — now deceased — head of the Harvard Medical School found that the health … [continued]

The History Of Solar

Originally published on Renewables International. By Craig Morris Did you know that Socrates gave lectures on solar architecture? But no, he’s not the one who invented it – that honor goes back at least to the Chinese, according to the update of John Perlin’s classic from the 1970s entitled “A … [continued]