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ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image that visually represents the challenge of limited infrastructure for hydrogen fuel distribution.

RMI Has Fallen Into The Hydrogen For Energy Pit Again

The Rocky Mountain Institute is a respected organization that has done great work since its founding in 1982. Amory Lovins, its founder and long its leader, is a tremendous thought leader who was ahead of his time. He’s been proven right on many things. And he’s been proven wrong on … [continued]

3 Steps To Maximize The Value Of Batteries

Originally published on RMI Outlet by Garrett Fitzgerald and Jesse Morris RMI will be hosting a workshop on this topic in advance of the Energy Storage North America Conference and Expo in San Diego on Monday, October 13. For more details on the workshop and conference, click here. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s … [continued]

Teaching The Arithmetic Of Deep Retrofit Value

Originally published on RMI Outlet by David Labrador RMI and the Institute of Real Estate Management partner with new online courses Does it make business sense to do a deep energy retrofit on a commercial building? Many investors currently overlook the retrofit’s value beyond its energy cost savings, but now … [continued]