Living In The Tesla Model X — Video & CleanTechnica Interview

Do you remember that Elon Musk rap video we shared in honor of Elon’s birthday back in June? Well, Rocket the artist (Love Town Rocket) and Marshall have decided to room together — inside Rocket’s Model X. They are living in the Tesla Model X and are making a vlog about their adventures. I got to have a quick question and answer session with Rocket about his new home and his upcoming adventures.

Rocket Science to Cut Smokestack CO2 for 13 Cents per kWh Coal

A technology described as “radically different” by ARPA-E’s director Arun Majumdar has just received $1 million in research funding by the Advanced Research Projects Agency’s energy division to deliver us from airborne smokestack carbon emissions. An academic energy consulting organization, ACENT Laboratories of New York, and aerospace giant ATK, which … [continued]