AI Could Better Manage Pothole Repair & Prevention (Research)

John Zelek, a professor in the Department of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo, has been leading a research group to study how AI could be used to better maintain road surfaces. (Their work may also apply to bridges and buildings.) AI has shown promise in its ability to process huge amounts of information in collections of images to detect patterns. Zelek and his colleagues used images from Google Street View to develop their system. He answered some questions for about the research.

Privatization: Trump Wants To Sell Off US To Millionaires & The Saudis, Starting With Air…

President Trump says he’s going to spend the next week pushing his so-called infrastructure proposals, which are actually just an excuse to sell off YOUR public assets to his buddies. He’s putting lipstick on several pigs that have already been rejected by Republicans in Congress as terrible ideas, starting with the sell-off of the Air Traffic Control system.