EO Smart Electric Car 2 Clumps Up, Shrinks, & Pivots

On CleanTechnica, we love smart e-mobility solutions. And as much as the electric vehicle (EV) rEVolution has certainly opened up solutions, it also let loose engineers’ and designers’ full creative juices to devise some pretty smart ones. A few years ago, Steve Hanley covered the EO Smart Connected Car, and the EO Smart Connected Car 2 shows how the vehicle has matured to offer an ideal solution for urbanites.

The Rinspeed Oasis In Action (Video)

Rinspeed consistently makes some of the weirdest vehicle concepts out there, with much further along the weird scale than others. The Rinspeed Oasis fits into that extreme category. Nonetheless, Rinspeed has apparently finished working on that concept (or nearly so) and has released a video showcasing the concept vehicle in all of its weirdness. Enjoy.