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 Snowpack survey at the Sierra Nevada's Phillips Station. Photo by Kenneth James/California Department of Water Resources

New Model Could Help Break Through Inefficiencies Of Common Water Treatment Systems

In April 2022, a team of engineers hiked into California’s Sierra Nevada mountains to hunt for snow. Instead, they found mostly bare, dry dirt and only a few of the snow patches that provide one-third of California’s water supply. In the coming decades, water scarcity and insecurity are likely to … [continued]

Masdar Desalination Pilots Move Into Optimization Phase

In early 2014, Zach covered an exciting desalination project that Masdar kicked off which specifically focused on improving the energy efficiency of the desalination process while also supporting it with renewable energy. Pulling the background from our previous article forward, CEO of Masdar Dr. Ahmad Belhoul shared some specifics: “Today, the Gulf region accounts for over 50% … [continued]

High Cost of Diesel Spurs Caribbean Island’s Renewable Energy-Climate Change Plan

Residents’ ire over a spike in electricity costs due to the island’s dependence on diesel fuel has spurred the eastern Caribbean island’s renewable energy-climate change plan, an approach that’s increasingly being seen across the Caribbean, as well as one that should resonate here in the US at a time where rising gasoline and petroleum prices have become fodder for Republican attacks.