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Carbon Market Mechanisms Around The World

The following is an excerpt from a new CleanTechnica report, The Carbon Cure: Effective Actions to Combat Climate Change through Carbon Markets. For more on the types of carbon markets across the world and their role in stabilizing our climate, buy the full report or become a CleanTechnica Member, Supporter, Technician, or Ambassador. Carbon market mechanisms … [continued]

WRI Report Outlines US Carbon Pricing Alternatives

This May, the World Resources Institute, a global research organization spanning over 50 countries, released Putting a Price on Carbon: A Handbook for U.S. Policymakers, an important reference guide that addresses decarbonization and its interaction with many other policy priorities. WRI envisions the working paper—and the detailed briefings to come—as playing “a … [continued]

The Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor

Alternative transportation fuels have been heralded as a way to shift heavy-duty trucks away from diesel or gasoline toward cleaner burning fuel, but the transition has remained a road too far for one main reason – lack of infrastructure.

Even though gasoline prices are high and reducing pollution is an imperative to environmentalists, it’s still easy to find a gas station whenever you need one. The nationwide network of filling stations has been built over the past 100 years, giving oil-based fuels an advantage over newer alternatives, like hydrogen or natural gas.

energyNOW! correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan traveled to California to learn about efforts to build a new network of alternative fuel filling stations – the Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor (ICTC).