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Wind & Solar PPA Price Index Drops 2.3% in Q1 2019

The cost of commercial and industrial scale solar and wind power is still headed down. Power purchase agreement (PPA) contract prices examined in five independent energy distribution territories in the country showed indexed prices down by $0.39/megawatt-hour, or 2.3% during first quarter of this year compared with the fourth quarter of 2018, according to LevelTen Energy’s latest report in May.

Here’s How The Renewable Energy Market Is Evolving

Originally published on RMI Outlet. By Sarah Beth Penndorf Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) are being talked about everywhere—from water coolers to boardrooms to industry conferences. Today, corporate and institutional (C&I) end users have unparalleled access to bilateral agreements directly with utility-scale renewable energy facilities—greening their energy portfolio and creating … [continued]

Solar Starts Giving Utilities A Bargain Fuel Option

In its latest Utility Solar Market Snapshot (2014, published last month), the US Solar Electric Power Association offers renewable energy interests some welcome news: solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive to utilities. Since the shale gas boom, solar has become the fastest-growing power source in the nation, and the Solar Energy … [continued]

CO2 Emissions From Electric Power Sector Vary With Coal & Nuclear Retirements

Originally published on EIA. Significant retirements of nuclear and coal power plants in the United States could change the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by the electric power sector. EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2014 (AEO2014) features several accelerated retirements cases that represent conditions leading to additional coal and nuclear … [continued]

Appalachian States — Solar Jobs Showdown — INFOGRAPHIC

Originally published on 1Sun4All. Thanks to our friends over at, we have another exciting solar infographic. This time it’s a solar showdown between five Appalachian States. Here’s more from Appalachian Solar Showdown The first of its kind, we are proud to present our Appalachian Solar Showdown. A showcase and comparative of … [continued]

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) — What Are They?

Renewable portfolio standards (RPS) are policies designed to increase electricity generation from renewable resources, including wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. While there is no national-level renewable portfolio standard, many states have established their own. What Are Renewable Portfolio Standards? Renewable portfolio standards (RPS), also referred to as renewable electricity standards … [continued]