renewable energy storage

American Vanadium's CellCube (company photo)

Newfound Energies Will Install 2 Remote American Vanadium CellCubes

Newfound Energies, specialists in design and installation of wind and solar energy systems for off-grid power—as well as grid utility locations—in Newfoundland and Labrador, has just committed for two 30kW–130kWh CellCube vanadium flow energy storage systems to be integrated into a remote microgrid fuel and logistics center.  The deal is still subject … [continued]

For Some Wind Turbines, Batteries Are Now Included!

We reported on GE’s “brilliant” wind turbine previously. The turbine integrates energy storage, and it also allows for a tremendous amount of data collection, prediction, and responsiveness. Below is a video of General Electric (GE) technicians discussing the company’s brilliant wind turbine in Tehachapi, California. So, why are we coming … [continued]

Alaska’s 1st Utility-Scale Wind Farm Gets Energy Storage Boost from Xtreme Power

  Xtreme Power, a power management and energy storage company, has been selected to supply Alaska’s first utility-scale wind farm with a significant energy storage boost, or backup. Xtreme Power will supply a 3-MW Dynamic Power Resource (DPR) power management and energy storage system to Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) for its 9-MW Pillar Mountain Wind … [continued]