Fighting Fires In Paris With The Renault Twizy

  Renault’s super cute little city car, the Twizy, has a lot of different variations. Last week, the company rolled out a more altruistic version — the emergency support Twizy. The prototype emergency support vehicle was given to the Paris firefighter brigade (dovetailing nicely with Renault’s previous installation of EV … [continued]

Pope Goes Electric Thanks to Renault

  Due to what can only be described as a preternatural desire to elevate the mobility-impaired, car-maker Renault has donated two electric vehicles to the Vatican for the specific use of His Holiness Benedict XVI. The Popemobile has definitely increased in stature and style since Pope John Paul II started riding around in that … [continued]

Clean Transportation News

  Some top clean transportation news from around: EVs Frost & Sullivan: Electric Vehicles Power to the Forefront of Sustainable, Smart Mobility in Central and Eastern Europe “Electric vehicle (EV) sales in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), a region with a population of over 100 million people and a solid macroeconomic environment, … [continued]